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Monday, March 28, 2011

My predictions continue to come true.

YOU came out of someone's womb.

The person connected to that womb will almost certainly be the most important person in your life for all of your life.

The women of Libya are finally fighting against their horrid 2nd class lives because their CENTRAL role in society has been belittled for far too long.  This will spread throughout the Middle East.   Why be a good mother if the son you are teaching turns into a monster that humiliates women.

Yes, this was a prediction months ago and yes it is going to grow.

Full equal rights for woman and tough laws against discrimination are the only way a society in the 21st century can survive.  With our standards of living decreasing everyone is going to have to learn how to make do with less.   Without a mother giving warmth throughout childhood the complicated intricacies of sharing will not evolve.

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