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Monday, March 7, 2011

Traders are traitors

In no society in all of world history have there been silly laws like the ones being "enforced" by the so called "securities exchange commission" regarding insider trading.

This whole exercise points to the severe, vast, horrible rot that has crept into our society - that many of our brightest minds are wasting their time gambling and doing virtually nothing for the people of this incredibly lucky and blessed country of ours.  This is our greatest waste today.

Think about it - instead of teaching, healing and protecting the members of our society - hundreds of people are going to waste tens of thousands of hours arguing about whether this guy from Gallion was using inside information or not while he was making his trades. This is insane. Its gambling for super rich, super bright, bored people who have nothing better to do than game our financial system.   This really smart guy could go to jail for a long time just because he broke some of the silly gambling rules that have been created for this game. 

In any other society a man with these great skills would have been a leader of other men.  All these traders are doing is playing in a casino. Can you imagine what J. P. Morgan would have said to these trading gamblers. He would have throw them out of his office and recommend that they be committed.  

No wonder marriages fall apart with people who call themselves traders.  The wives figure out that the men they are married to are NOT going to work every day.  They are going to PLAY in the greatest casino ever invented and come home from work EXHAUSTED from PLAYING all day long.  They tell their wives and children that they are EXHAUSTED and cant focus on the work of being a father and husband. 

The wives and children eventually figure out that this is rot and demand attention and love, but their "MAN" is hooked and just keeps saying how hard the work is.  But this so called man is an addict.  He is hooked to the chemical changes in his head while he makes huge bets all day long.  It is just like any other addiction.

This great country of our cannot keep up its high standard of living if we allow our brightest minds to fritter away their lives betting on future events. We are the laughing stock of China and India for allowing this to happen, The only way to end this is to tax these profits like we tax other sins like tobacco, casino gambling and alcohol. There should be a 90% tax on profits made from financial gambling and all trades should be kept on shore by anyone who is a US citizen. If we lose the gamblers to other countries, so what. Good riddance.

These people are horribly addicted and should not be welcome in our society.

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