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Thursday, March 31, 2011

The world's greatest living father.

Alan Ripka is the world's greatest living father.

In certain select circles of New York City the blood sport is talking about the success of one's children.  Here is a classic example of the kind of things that a competitor might say:

"We had a tough decision this week.   Beth was accepted at Harvard and Stanford, the only two schools that she applied to.  We finally decided on Harvard because her violin teacher is moving to Boston to play in the Philharmonic and wants her to play along side of her in the orchestra."

This is something that someone ACTUALLY said to me a few years ago!!!!!!   As planned this riposte made me feel insignificant but it did not make me change.  The comment was made to cause pain and it worked.  When Alan tells me about his success, his purpose is to have me do better with my children.  He speaks firmly but there is love and success to my children in his meaning.   In short me makes be feel energized and great and purposeful.

In most of these cases the mother is doing much of the work and these children grow up to be serious contributing members of society.   The father brags but the mother does most of the work.  This competition is a good thing in my view.   My father always liked to say that two of his children went to Penn and two went to Yale.  He raised us to fight for goals planning one day, week, month, quarter, years, three years at a time.   Somehow he managed to make us think that all our work was our idea!

The greatest practitioner I have ever meet is Alan Ripka who in partnership with his equally brilliant wife have raised two of the most remarkable children imaginable.

My goal in life right now is to share their remarkable success with the rest of the world starting with people who will help me fund this vision.   Each of your children is invited to join us.  The age group is 7 to 16 and a passionate interest in Squash, the violin and professional acting at the highest levels is necessary.  This will be our focus.

It is going to cost you $500 a weekend on Saturdays and Sundays from 2 to 4:30 PM.    Their son is one of the 5 best under 15 squash players in the world and a concert violinist.  He is also a remarkably gifted teacher already.   Their daughter, an established Broadway star, will be also be available for limited teaching and advice.  Also and most importantly Alan will be available to speak about his vision and how he has passed this on to his children with spectacular success.

Alan has changed my life and listening to him has given me firm, clear direction.   He is among the finest men ever to come into my life.  Seymour Schwartz still ranks #1 and may make a guest appearance now and then.

This is the chance of a lifetime for your children and for you.  E mail me with further questions.  Only good can come of this.

Graham Arader

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