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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Donald Trump

23 years ago it was my great pleasure to give a tour of my gallery at 29 East 72nd Street to the 6th grade class at the Buckley School.  This had been an annual event for about 5 or 6 years.

Every year about 20 fine young men would come to my gallery at 29 East 72nd Street to look at and learn about the art that was on display.

The favorite works of art were acquaints of Native Americans by Karl Bodmer and lithographs by George Catlin.   These were very bright children who already knew a great deal about the exploration of the American West and the story of what happened to the Native Americans of the Upper Plains.   They also enjoyed the 19th century lithographs of New York City.

And always a few days later a packet of letters would be delivered to me from these students thanking me for the experience.  They meant a great deal to me.

But this year one of the letters was filled sentence after sentence of bloated hyperbole about how great my gallery was and that it was the finest collection of art that the young writer had ever seen.  These effusive compliments went on for two full pages - one spectacular exaggeration after another!!!

And right at the end of the letter it was signed in a confident hand "Donald Trump"


It didnt take me long to figure out how to use this letter.  In my world it is time to retire when one forgets that he is common merchant.  

Quickly a letter was written to this young man's father suggesting that if even half his young son's enclosed compliments were accurate a visit to my gallery might be worthwhile and certainly welcome.

A few days later a representative of the school called to tell me that Mr. Trump had called the Headmaster, demanded an explanation and then berated him for this blatant invasion of his family's privacy.  Then to my great pain it was firmly explained to me that there would never be another visit from any of the students of the Buckley School.

A week later, Donald Trump, the new owner of the Shuttle - Trump Airways sent a letter to all parents of the Buckley School promoting a special deal on his new airline.

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