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Sunday, April 17, 2011


Are you passionate, experienced and knowledgeable about the iconography of the Western Hemisphere, Europe or Asia?  Fields would be natural history illustration focusing on Audubon, rare books, historically important maps, 18th and 19th century furniture, globes, silver, oil paintings, watercolors, Old Master engravings and woodcuts.   Art before Hitler's invasion of Poland is the cut off date.

My burning desire to create a new syllabus for the study of natural history illustration in the 500 most important Universities, Colleges and Museums of the world now is more important to me than my business.   33% of the inventory in that business will be given to all partners as of November 2015 with a minimum value of $10,000,000 PER partner.

If you are a true expert and feel that you are capable of empathy, it might be worth considering taking a partnership position with me.   Base is $4000 to $7000 a month with a sales commission of 4% to 10%.  Housing is available.

Here are some basic rules that must be understood before applying:

Sales to rich people occur when they WANT to buy from you
If you are not working on Saturdays or Sundays or late in the evening, you will not succeed in this business.
Gallery is closed in August and we are seriously considering closing all galleries on Monday.
There is no point in working then because that is not when qualified collectors want to buy
It is impossible.

IF you can achieve sales of $2,500,000 in any one year, you will be considered for partnership.  If you commit 40 Saturdays OR Sundays a year you will be considered for partnership.

Getting into the home's of your clients has always been the key way to have a great career.   Those clients are free on the weekends and in the evenings.

If a full understanding of the difference between sympathy and empathy is clear to you, please contact me at

Thank you,

Graham Arader

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