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Sunday, April 24, 2011

How dumb does Hollywood think we are?

The rivalry between Henry VIII of England ( ruled 1509-1547,)  Charles V, the Holy Roman Emperor (ruled 1515- 1556,) Francis I of France (ruled 1515-1547 and Suleiman, the Magnificent (ruled 1520-1566) was the greatest rivalry in history of leaders.  All of these men had different styles and beliefs.  Life was not valued as highly then as it now.  All four of these rulers were consumed with their rivalry with each other.  They would send to slaughter the flower of their young aristocracy on the slighted provocation.


There are 5000 books in my library devoted to the rivalry between these men and their accomplishments and failures.   Each book is different and tells a completely different story.  And every story is absolutely riveting.

Certainly there is enough tumultuous history in these events for hundreds of scripts.

The great pleasure of my life is that most of the world's newly wealthy don't have the education and knowledge to pursue the art, rare books and maps that were produced during these times.

Instead the Alice Walton's, John Middleton's, Stevie Cohen's of this world bid up more obvious acquisitions - Picasso, Moran and Durand don't require nearly as much work to understand.

How is it that we see TV shows and Movies devoted to Medieval and Renaissance Story that bear NO relationship to actual history?

The most recent offering "Game of Thrones" is an insult to the spectacular rivalries that actually existed.

The only insult to the American People that was greater than what is going on today is the absolute rubbish that Hollywood produced on Native Americans from 1920 until 1990.   Finally after 70 years of outright lies the American people are now occasionally shown movies that bear some resemblance to reality.

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