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Friday, April 22, 2011

The University of Florida delivers the BEST news possible for me. My dream has come true. Thank you Erik, Dulce and Rebecca.

John James Audubon. Double Crested
Cormorant. 1839‐1844. Museum purchase,
funds provided by Michael Cadoux

UF‐Summer B 2010: HUM 2930, section 4A90 (1 credit)

Registrar Link: http://www.registrar.ufl.edu/soc/201106/all/finearts.htm
Meets at the Harn Museum of Art ‐ HARN G053
Wednesdays, 12:30‐ 3:15 pm (summer periods 4 – 5)

The course will change everything you thought you knew about prints and the study of the natural environment. Led by a stellar faculty of seven, students will delve into the 
Harn Museum’s amazing collection of more than 200 naturalist prints featuring botanical, zoological, entomological and conchological subjects. Each week, instructors will challenge students with new perspectives from their various disciplines including print‐making, entomology, literature, plant genetics, history and economics. Students will learn about how prints exist as objects (how they are made, how they were circulated, the economics of their production); how they fit into a range of artistic practices pursued in a given period; and how they embody and enhance scientific knowledge.

The prints are from the 16th‐19th centuries and were made by artists – both male and female – from Britain, France, Germany, Italy, and the United States. The subjects include birds, mammals, reptiles, fish, plants, insects and shells. Not only are the prints beautiful objects, but they also embody ideas, beliefs, practices, economic relations, cultural values, and scientific learning of several centuries and continents.

This will be a rare opportunity to work closely with this remarkable collection of prints, exploring them as objects and ideas. Please join us!

Basil Besler. Acantium Silvestri. 1613.
Museum purchase, funds provided by Jeff Siegal.

Contact Eric Segal, esegal@harn.ufl.edu 392‐9826 x2115
Prints and Insects
Jaret Daniels, Entomology at IFAS & the FL Museum of Natural History
Prints and Empire
Jessica Harland‐Jacobs, British, Atlantic, & Imperial Hist., History Dept.
Prints and Printmaking
Robert Mueller, Printmaking, SA+AH
Prints, Plants and Evolution
Pamela Soltis, Evolutionary Genetics, FL Museum of Natural History
Prints, Gardens and Literature
Judith Page, English Literature and Women’s Studies
Prints and Economics
Michelle Darnell, Dept. of Management and
Carol West, CIBER, Warrington College of Business Administration
Prints in the Museum
Dulce Román, Curator of Modern Art and Eric Segal, Education Curator of Academic Programs, Harn Museum of Art

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