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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Prediction - Bored Attention Starved North Korean Leader Makes News by Doing Something Nutty in the next 20 days.

It is disgraceful that anyone can actually believe that North Korea is anything other than a puppet state of China. For a reporter or any US, South Korean, Japanese diplomat to believe that the American public is so dumb to believe that North Korea is independent is a travesty.

China is dangling the rest of the world allowing a slow witted idiot make a fool out of himself as the dictator of his country.

North Korea is a Chinese problem that they just don't want to pay for - 22,000,000 people is a huge burden.

But the Chinese have to pay for it because they allowed this ridiculous nation to evolve the way it did.

They could end all these problems that North Korea is causing with the rest of the world with one phone call in an afternoon.

It amusing the Chinese that they can cause the rest of the world so much angst on an issue that should not be wasting the time of this great country. There are far, far more grave issues for the world than this one.

The United States should recognize that North Korea is a Chinese problem and hold them accountable.

We owe the Chinese 2t. Believe me - they have no choice but to go along with us.

This is like a man running naked on a baseball field. The network policy of not paying attention is a good one because most of these events occur because because the nut wants attention. We should do the same with North Korea. They want attention because they are broke and bored with their horrid socialist lives.

My guess is that none of their weapons work very well. This is a ridiculous issue and is not worth our attention.

So Kim is going to do something really nutty soon to bring the world's attention back to him.   His buddies in Libya, Syria, Iran and Afganistan have been getting far too much air time on CNN. 

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