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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Why Iran is so important


Who are our "enemies" night now?

Used to be Russia but now we have secret deals and treaties with Putin and his 100 best friends to take over the Middle East and kill Muslims so that a steady stream of oil and oil prices can bring stability to both nations.  We have taken down all missiles in Europe pointed at Russia and are as close to them as any other country in the world.   To me they appear to be our closest allies more than anyone in NATO. 

Ok.  WELL what about China!   No way.  The Generals own all the factories that supply Walmart, Costco and Home Depot.  And now with the radiation problems in Japan and the horrid pollution issues in China no General in his right mind is going to want his precious grandchildren growing up there.  All the smart ones are planning to send them to the US or Vancouver first to go to school and then to live.  China is toast and when one of those dams burst the flow out will increase dramatically.

My prediction is that 100m people from China emigrate to the United States in the next ten years and that our housing slump is solved by them spending 1 tillion dollars to buy 10 million homes.  Lawyer slump will be solved by them getting 10k each for the 100m people that they process though the bureaucracy.  This is a win win win for everyone - China takes care of their old whom they truly care about, we reduce our debt to China by 1 trillion, housing industry gets rid of excess homes and harmony between the US and China is guaranteed forever.  And most importantly - out of work lawyers capable of huge mischief now are kept busy thinking they are doing something useful.   China will NEVER be our enemies!

What about the Taliban?  Please.  It's run by 50 guys with IQ's less than my pet lab.  They had one lucky break and the spy agencies of the US have made us spend trillions to try make up for it.   Only companies like Netjets have benefited because the process of going to the airport is a NIGHTMARE always.  Marginally rich people pay $15,000 to take their families to Florida for Spring break just to avoid being humiliated.  

OH no.  This is terrible for all those Cal Tech and MIT guys that build the greatest engines of death the world has ever known.  Of course they could join up with the dumber 80% of their class that all now work for hedge funds building models but that is not nearly as much fun as having an unlimited budget to build killer toys that kill people in really cool ways.

Can you possibly imagine how much fun it is to build and then control a drone that can pin point the home of a bad guy and blow up the part of this house that is where he is??? AND SEE IT AT THE SAME TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!  Cool.   And do it using regression analysis that uses the words he speaks over the phone to determine that he truly is a "bad" guy.   Very cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just think - if you can figure out what the twenty key words are, your home can get blown up as well!

Really smart guys figure out quickly that accumulating money and hoarding it is a fool's game.  But building cool stuff that kills people is huge fun.   What a great way to spend the productive years of your life!  Why cure cancer or heart disease or schizophrenia when you get a blank checkbook to build weapons and everyone defers to you.

The infrastructure that has been built around our greatest minds who have been trained in our best schools is called the "defense industry."  And it is owned by people who know how to give to Congress to get what they want.  Unlike Gates who ignored Washington and was ridiculed in their antitrust suit against him for 7 years, these guys know that giving $100,000 to a Senator gets a $1,000,000,000 return.  You are NEVER going to see them humiliated like Gates was.  It will be interesting to see what percentage of his NY Times Obit is devoted to this now that he is giving away 40 billion.  My prediction is 25%.

So all these defense industry guys have been paying off lobbyists for years and they DESERVE to get 500 billion from US taxpayers every year.  And then that money is parked off shore so that all the wonderful people in the Bahamas and Caymans can build HUGE houses for them.  And of course when Castro invades the United States those two island nations will be a sturdy buffer to protect the retirement communities of Florida from machete wielding Cuban baseball players and boxers turned soldiers!!!

Can you believe that people in Congress actually used this argument to create off shore banking 50 years ago!  That is the reason it exists - to build a buffer between the US and Castro.  Do we really need that now???  It is the greatest waste of a country's assets in the history of the world.  But it is an untouchable issue because everyone rich is doing it.

Just go to the new airport in the Bahamas to see.  It is the finest airport in all of the Western Hemisphere.

This construct is sucking huge amounts of the resources of the United States into the hands of a very few who don't pay taxes.   And right now defense money spending is entirely justified by our so called "cold war" with Iran.  They are our last enemy. 

They are a perfect enemy for the lobbyists in Washington to use.

Iranian people treat women horribly - as poorly as any race of people in the world.  The men grow up in wildly ambivalent households where the natural love of a mother for her son is challenged and twisted by the rage she feels toward all men because of the downright humiliating quality of her life.  These guys turn ANGRY and stay enraged for all of their lives.

So the men of Iran are a perfect foil for the defense industry of the United States.  They truly are nasty and would snap at anything put in front of them.  Amazingly they are so blinded by the rage of their childhoods that there just is never, never going to be a solution.

Of course Israel, where women are respected and most men are momma's boys, makes Iranians wild and their jealousy is even greater for the people of that country than ours.  Yes, it seems to me that they truly would risk bombing Israel even though they knew that their country would be left a sheet of glass (the CIA's favorite word for retribution.)

So the USA is going to spend $2000 per person per year in the United States FOREVER to protect us from the uncontrollable rage of this sad, tortured land.

There is no solution to this problem.  As long as the leadership of Iran treats women horribly these rabid men will not be able to control themselves and think clearly.

So go out and buy some defense stocks.  It is a safe bet.

Well, safe unless we turn them into a "sheet of glass."

Then who will our next enemy be????????????????????????

What about all those nasty taxicab drivers in Paris?  They should be taught a lesson for they way they treat us.

Seriously, it will be Pakistan.  In the brilliant tradition of the United States Department of Defense, they will now have to go after a country that they have heavily armed in the previous years.  This will be huge fun for the boys from Cal Tech and MIT because they now will be given vast funds to build weapons that can beat the weapons they designed 10 years ago.

They are the ONLY Islamic nation with Nuclear capacity.  When that occurred in 1987 as a result of Dr. Kahn's theft of technology from GERMANY, the world changed.  Finally Islamic people had a weapon that with one detonation can change the course of history.   That single event is the greatest disaster of the last 100 years and it is never going to be solved.   Again, just like Iran there is no solution.

It is just a matter of time before one of these devices goes off in an act of aggression and blind hatred.  So treasure everyday you have in this amazing world of ours and especially in the Untied States.  Spend time with your children.  These are the good old days for them that they will look back at as being the best part of their lives.

The teleological aspect of our use of our best minds for the last 70 years predetermines a horrid final result.

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