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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Wow. Recession is SO over for my fields - Auction in Zurich

At Koller Zurich today April 2, 2011 a Merian (lot 241) with dubious color made 190,000 Swiss francs hammer.

This is four times what it would have made in 2009.  A very nice Breydenbach (lot 112) made 190,000 SF.  Maybe this was a bit low.

Yesterday bought a magnificently colored Visscher with an important English map of America inserted from a GREAT collector here in NYC.  Maybe the best color I have ever seen.  But the seller was tricked by the dealer that sold it to him.  There is some mold about half way into the book that will have to be killed and removed.  He never caught this.

More and more there is going to be nasty trickery coming from dealers and auction houses.   If you dont have an expert look at what you are bidding on you will make a mistake at least 60% of the time.   The dealers are "tricky" and the auction houses are just too overwhelmed to check as carefully as they should.

If you are an Arader Gallery client this checking at auction is a service that we provide for free and we charge zero to bid for you at auction afterwards.  Have been doing this for 40 years and am still interested only in long term relationships with the highest levels of service.


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