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Monday, May 9, 2011

How to sell art successfully.

People buy art between 4 pm an 9 pm on Weekdays and during the Weekends.


Because that is when they are not working.  The above times are when they are free to enjoy themselves and spend their disposable income.

Understanding this simple fact is one of, if not the major reason, that art dealers become successful.  They make themselves available to their key clients during the weekends and the evenings.

Doing the mental somersault rejecting the evenings and weekends as YOUR time off is tough.  It is ingrained into our society.  But learning to enjoy yourself during the weekdays between 8 am and 4 pm is worthwhile and will be very rewarding to you in the business of being an art dealer.

Another fact of the last 10 years is that the use of the phone to sell luxury goods has ended.   Very simply there never is a reason to call your client during his working hours.  NEVER.

Your client's working hours ARE his WORKING hours.  That is when he WORKS and NOT when he wants to focus on the enjoyable parts of his life.

So, so, so simple.   But practically NO ONE understands this.

If you can control yourself and follow these rules, you will be much, much more successful.

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