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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The most powerful 4000 people in the world.

Imagine a room filled with 4000 powerful men and women who can get anything done that they set their minds to.


This group of people could EASILY solve all the problems in the United States if they set their minds to doing just that.

EASILY.  Everyone's standard of living would double in three years.  Poverty would end.   The budget would be well on its way to being balanced.

The POWER in the minds of the people in that room is easily the greatest asset in the United States. 

Right now those minds are bent on sitting in front of a "Bloomberg" and betting on the movement of fleeting numbers across its screen.  There is a good chance that this is what their lives will be consumed with from the age of 22 until they start to slow down around 65.   So basically during the best 40 years of their lives they will submit to hooking the ganglia of their brains up to a computer that they share with roughly 300,000 other people addicted to this from of gambling that they call 'investing.' 

But of those 300,000 people playing on a "Bloomberg" only 4000 really make serious money using it.  ALL of those people were in one room on May 9 at the Javits center at the Robinhood Foundation Benefit.

So while they MAY be sitting with their family at dinner or in church, their actual focus will be on trying to figure out the next so called "move" of the commodity or stock or derivative that they are following and trading.  So - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for more than 40 years "figuring" out the next so called "move" will be the full definition of their lives.

Can you image a society that would allow this?????????????????????

The 4000 most powerful minds in the United States addicted and enslaved to a game that does absolutely no good for the other 330,000,000 million people living in their country.  It just high powered gambling.  And it is a form of gambling that was not around before 1950. 

If Hollywood made a science fiction horror movie about this it would be too far fetched - that a strange force had found a way to gain control of the most forceful, creative, aggressive people in the United States sapping the potential of this great nation.

Close to $48,000,000 was raised by these 4000 powerful minds to fight poverty in the City of New York on May 9th.   Thank God that this amazing foundation exists to wean these addicted traders away from purposeless lives of constant betting to giving their money to help the people of New York!

But being around these amazing, disciplined predators with their money parked "offshore" made me see that the real genius of the Robinhood Foundation is to gently lead them to useful lives and to show them that giving back is all the really matters in the end.

A prediction - many of these guys are seeing the light and instead of raising 48 million, they will quietly give away 48 BILLION over the next 5 years.  Because they are so fiercely independent the money may not go to Robinhood but the example of Robinhood will drive them to the right path.

Robinhood's greatest "community center" for the addicted is the party itself!

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