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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Thoughts from New York City's GREATEST lawyer, best possible friend and mentor - Alan Ripka

Here is some advice that Alan Ripka gave me recently.  The guy is a genius and my luck at having someone of this quality as a friend is deeply treasured.

It follows:

In order to, consistently, prevail you must be agreeable, amenable and malleable. These characteristics make it possible to gain trust, show compromise and restructure deals.

It is so easy, and similarly, adolescent to stand firmly on your position and refuse to yield. This flexing of muscles does nothing but send you home empty handed. In the world of law and deals the only win is when the case is resolved at a fair bargain, says Alan Ripka, esq.

It's inexcusable to believe that your adversary is motivated to pay you a cent when you continually insult and declare war. The greater position is one of gaining respect by portraying fairness and displaying knowledge and experience.

Prior to the negotiation or trial take a deep breath and consider multiple options. Anticipate what your adversary will say and prepare optional responses. Be prepared to give in to arguments that are sound and then highlight your strengths. It's easy to agree to defenses when they are accurate and obvious. Compromise on points you, reasonably, can't win. By isolating your strengths you weaken your adversaries position. It's akin to telling a jury in opening statement that your client was, previously, convicted of a crime. The admission, by you, takes the wind out of the opposing lawyers sails.
 Be the matador not the bull with presence of mind to shift, back up and respond strongly when appropriate. Always keep your head up watching and thinking unlike the bull with his head down and attacking. You will head home or back to the office with a successful result and a happy client.

Thank you for this advice Alan.  You are a genius, a great man and a deeply valued mentor.


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