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Friday, May 13, 2011

What Arader Galleries bought at Christies Paris on May 11, 2011. All works available for a 5% profit for the next 30 days and a 10% profit after than until the end of the Summer.

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Short Summary of Acquisitions:
  • Homann- Atlas Universalis (1760). 5 Volumes Grand in-folio. 
  • Dresser- Monography- Meropidae. Londres. 1884-86. Gd. 
  • Edwards- Natural History of Uncommon Birds. Londres. 1802-6. 4 Vol. in fol.
  • Forrest- Voyage aux Moluques. Paris: 1780.
  • Freycinet- Voyage- Atlas Zoologique. Paris, 1824. In-folio
  • Gould- Monograph. Macropodidae Londres 1841-42. In-folio
  • Gould- Birds of Asia. Londres. 1850-53. 7 vol. In-folio
  • Gould- Mammals of Australia. Londres 1845-63. 13 fascicules ds 4 etuis. in-folio SOLD.

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