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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Why we are #1

75% of the key Italian Renaissance maps come with clipped margins.  

We avoid maps that dont have FULL margins.

Our examples offered have full, original margins on all four sides.  Owning maps of THIS level of quality is what map collecting is ALL about.  An example without full margins or margins that have been extended is worth 50% to 75% less.  If you are looking at an other example to buy, ASK if the margins have been extended.  Look to see by holding the map up to the light.  Dont trust what someone says.  Look for yourself.

Owning works of art that are in the condition that they were ORIGINALLY in plus normal aging and oxidation of the iron in the ink and copper in the green is the absolute definition of ORIGINAL condition.  Anything that is different from that definition is LESS valuable and not as desirable.  It is NOT what the original mapmaker/artist intended for his audience to see.  And what the artist intended you to see is what colleccting has been all about for 500 years.

Original condition has been my passion for over 40 years.  What you get here is true.  And it is not stolen.  We will give you full provenance on request.  

Because of this hard earned reputation, my artworks, maps and books constantly do much, much better when resale is desired.  There is a difference.

That being said, being lost cost producer is a firm intention and goal.

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