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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

An absolutely incredible experience - a visit with the splendid Daniel Crouch this weekend

A highlight for me during the last week has been that my son, Walter Arader, has been accepted in the Masters program for Tibetan Studies at Oxford.

So a few days after we found out, a trip to see Oxford was set up.

When Daniel Crouch found out we were visiting, he offered to drive 60 miles and pick us up at the airport on a Saturday morning at 7 am.

He drove us into town, gave us a tour, arranged for us to meet his friend, Antony Green, who is in charge of fund raising at the Ashmolean, took us to breakfast, lunch and dinner for three days and introduced us to his alluring wife and two beautiful daughters.

Then he showed me one of the great atlas inventories of the world and sold me the finest van Keulen sea atlas EVER for 300,000 pounds and the finest Sanson atlase imaginable for 35,000 euros!

This scholar and gentleman has put together one of the great inventories of the world in under a year.   No one in history has ever come so far in such a short period of time!

Oxford is the template for the American University System.  It is well worth a visit and the bonus is that you will be able to spend some time with Daniel Crouch, a scholar, genius salesman, GREAT family man and fine young dealer.

What a relief to find a truly HONEST dealer with the highest standards of integrity, knowledge and business sense.   He is already well on his way to taking the place of Nico Israel, the greatest atlas dealer of the 20th century.

There just could not have been a way to impress me more!

Thank you for a chance to visit with you Daniel.

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