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Monday, June 6, 2011

The letter that was sent to my mailing list about the Charity auction at Neals in New Orleans on June 25th.

Enclosed please find the catalog for The Third Arader Galleries Charity Auction coming up in New Orleans at Neal's Auction on June 25th.
     On anything that you buy in this sale I will give 20% of the hammer price to the charity of your choice.   Over $2,000,000 has been raised in previous auctions and this sale hopefully will generate $750,000 in charitable contributions!
     This is a sale that includes a specacular collection of the aquatints of birds by John James Audubon (lot 81 through 146 - all being sold without any reserves.)  And then there is the masterpiece of the sale - a complete set of Audubon's Quadrupeds - all 150 of his Imperial Quadrupeds in mint condition in three volumes.
      Then there will be some single examples of his Imperial sized lithographs of Quadrupeds (lots 155 through 166 - again NO reserves).   There also are fine examples of the complete works of John Goulds Hummingbirds (lot 167,) Birds of Great Britain (lot 173) and Birds of Europe (lot 174.)
      Following that are the spectacular lithographs of cats by Daniel Giraud Elliot (lot 175 through 182 - again sold without reserve.)
      Then lots 183 through 185 are Renaissance engravings of flowers with original color by Crispijn van dew Passe.  Again NO reserves!
         Lot 187 is the finest work on the battles of the Mexican War by Carl Nebel.  These twelve lithographs are the most desirable battle scenes of this conflict.
         Lots 188 through 192 are the finest English botanical works ever by Robert John Thornton - no reserves again!
        Then there are highly important maps key to the history of the Mississippi River and the American Southeast.
         Lot 193 is the best 18th century map of the Mississippi River made by the official map maker to the British Navy - Joseph Frederick Wallet des Barres.  And lot 194 is the best Civil War map of that same great river showing what was known about it 83 years later.
          Lot 195 is the first map to show the name "New Orleans" and was published during the year of its founding.  And 196 is the finest map of New Orleans published during the war of 1812.   
          Lot 197 is the Disturnell map that was used to settle the boundaries between the United States and Mexico.  It is certainly one of the three most important maps in American History.   And lot 198 is the most imporant manuscript map of Texas to ever come on the market.  It is profoundly important and would be a masterpiece for any collection.
           Lastly lot 199 through 205 illustrate the Le Moyne icons of Native Ameicans engraved from his trip to Florida in 1564.    

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