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Friday, June 3, 2011

ANOTHER prediction comes true!!!! Also - Recent Acquisitions: Swann Auction Galleries June 2nd, 2011


Each Offered at: 
-5% Markup for 10 Days.
-10% Markup from 11 to 30 Days.
-25% Markup after 30 Days

(See Official Invoice Below)
Build a map collection with guaranteed provenance.  Arader Galleries has aggressively and thoroughly been providing clear title, certified condition with full margins, defined restoration and ORIGINAL color for their clients for over 40 years.  

Here is what I wrote on June 3, 2011 about my prediction for the sale of the Romans map of Connecticut. " 
"AND in New York today, Swann has the incredibly rare Romans map of Connecticut up for sale with an estimate of $3000 to $4000.  That will go for at least ten times this amount.  Have never seen one for sale before.  It is in completely unsophisticated condition - a collectors dream."
It sold for $168,000 with premium - more than 30 times the high estimate!!!!  

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