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Thursday, July 7, 2011

An Iconic College View: Yale University. Richard Rummell (1848-1924)

Yale University
Littig and Company, 1906
22 X 34 in. unframed, 25 X 37 in. framed
At the turn of the century, the accomplished landscape artist Richard Rummell (1848-1924) painted a panoramic bird’s-eye view watercolor of Yale University. From this watercolor, a copper-plate was engraved and a limited number of pulls (engravings) were distributed.
Unlike any other view of Yale from the period, the Rummell plate is a glorious panoramic view of the entire campus. Facing Northward, the view captures the spirit of the University at the turn of the century, when the earliest and most recognizable features of Yale’s historic campus are featured with thorough attention to detail. 
Osbourne Hall, with a rounded chapel-like facade, stands front and center at the corner of College (north-south) and Chapel Street (east-west). Osbourne was a short-lived lecture hall built in 1888 by New York architect Bruce Price as one of the latest examples of Gothic style Victorian Architecture. The extravagant design was the object of relentless controversy for the three decades it resided in the background of Yale's most famous hangout spot- The Yale Fence. In 1928 Osbourne was torn down and Bingham Hall was constructed in its place by Walter B. Chambers. Today, this building marks the home of the Yale Chaplaincy.
Behind Osbourne stands Connecticut Hall (1752), the oldest building on Yale's campus and one of the oldest in Connecticut. Built under the direction of president Thomas Clapp and funded by the Connecticut Lottery as well as the sale of a French ship, Connecticut hall has remained an academic building for two and half centuries and houses the philosophy department today. In front of the historic building stands Vanderbilt hall, built as a freshman dormitory in 1894, and Street Hall (1866). 
Welch Hall and Lawrance Hall stand alongside College street, across from the New Haven Green which is complete with the three chapels that still stand today- United Church on the Green (Congregational, 1814), Center Church (Congregational, 1812), and Trinity Episcopal Church On the Green (1816).
East Rock rises prominently skyward in the North East, easily visible with the 112-foot Soldiers and Sailors Monument piercing the blue horizon above. The monument was built in 1887 as a memorial for New Haven residents who gave their lives during the American Revolutionary War, the War of 1812, the Mexican War, and the Civil War.
Printed on fine woven paper from the original 1906 engraved copper-plate by a master printer and hand-colored by a team of experts, framed to museum specifications in acid-free mat with high grade plexiglas and fine wood frame.
The Harvard Rummell view is printed on fine woven paper from the original 1915 engraved copper-plate by a master printer. Coloring is performed by a team of expert watercolorists, and framing is completed in-house with acid-free mat and high grade plexiglass that fits all museum specifications.
The uncolored engraving is available for $350.   The beautifully hand colored example is $500.  The Rummell View is also available through Arader Galleries in Curly Maple, Black, or Black and Gold frame for $750.  There is no charge for shipping.  Orders can be placed through our NYC gallery at 212-628-7625 or by contacting us via grahamarader@gmail.com

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