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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Mike Guidry - security and finding the right team for solving legal issues.

This is a letter of recommendation for Michael Guidry.

It is based on my business relationship with him over the last 15 years.

Michael understands how security and legal systems work.   Not how they should work or were meant to work or how I would like them to work.  He gets the job done within the constructs of life on this planet in 2012.

If you want to get into a philosophical discussion of how world society is breaking down, Michael Guidry is not the right person for you.  He has no time to listen to you about how upset you are that things are not the way they should be.  He has no interest at all is wasting your money listening to your drivel.

What Mike does best is use the most sophisticated existing systems and practices to protect you and your family with regard to security and the application of the law.   No matter what jurisdiction you are in, Mike and the members of his team will deliver you highly satisfactory results faster than anyone else.   It is that simple.  He provides results not talk at a consistently competitive price no matter what pressure you are under.   Very simply - if you are in an extreme position of disadvantage, he will never take advantage of you no matter how much pressure you are under.   Your bill for his services will be correct and will follow highly ethical business practices every time.  

In gratitude I have sent Mike money years after our bills have been settled to show my continued appreciation.  In every case my checks have been returned.  No one in my business career has ever shown me such a high level of integrity.  

Mike has always produced results for me that have been highly satisfactory in every possible regard.  I treasure my business relationship with him.

Graham Arader

Mike's contact information follows:

Michael Guidry

Guidry Logo.jpg

The Guidry Group   I   20821 D Eva Street   I    Suite 46    I    Montgomery    I    TX 77356   I    USA   
T.  USA 888-465-6060
F.  USA 832-422-3849


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