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Friday, July 22, 2011

Exciting NEWS - The WYTFLIET Atlas stolen by the Manuscripts Libraian of the National Library of Sweden is on its way back to the National Library of Sweden AND The National Librarian of Sweden makes some clarifications and my reponse.


The Wytfliet Altas is now being delivered back to the distinguished rare book department of Sothebys.  They are going to give me a credit for my cost on this book of 48,000 pounds and will start the process of returning it to the National Library of Sweden.  Since I paid 48,000 pounds for this book over 10 years ago, I am losing the use of this money over that period of time but that is a risk that ALL people that CALL themselves rare book dealers MUST be willing to take and cheerfully accept.   

As always the scholarly, professional staff at Sothebys has promptly done the right thing.  What a pleasure it is do have my relationship with this outstanding company.   They are a treasure for all the people of the world who care about our cultural heritage.  

Below is the letter written to me by the National Librarian of Sweden:

- Dear Mr Graham Arader
I have some further comments about our common matter.
1. The person in the National Library who stole the books died shortly after the police toke him into custody. Therefore we are not shore about all details in the list.
2. Some of the books in the list the police found in an apartment, and they are back in our collection.
3. We are now in discussions about the situation with the ministry and other organizations involved in this matter. But just now in July its holidays in Sweden, and we have to wait until beginning of August before we can decide how to continue the process from our side.
We keep int contact, and I want to repeat how thankful we are of your collaboration and engament in this difficult matter.
Best regards
Gunnar Sahlin

Here is my response:

Dear Gunnar

Thank you for understanding how hard it has been for me to compete FOR FORTY YEARS with dealers who get their inventory by stealing from the libraries of the world.  There is no way that it is possible to beat their prices because their cost is ZERO.

Then these rich collectors break my heart and end their relationship with me because they can get better prices from thieves.   The pain of this happening for 40 years is great.

My heart goes out to you for the pain of this loss and there is no question that you will get your book back.   It is also good news for you that Sothebys, the world's greatest auction house, is involved with this matter.  For forty years they have always done the honorable, correct thing.  You can be very certain that you will get this atlas back.  But my hope is that you will fight to get all your other stolen books back.

Thank you,


Från: Gunnar Sahlin
Skickat: sö 2011-07-17 11:52
Till: grahamarader@gmail.com
Ämne: List concerning stolen books
Dear Graham,

Thank you for your mail.

We have not been able to get the name of the buyer who bought the atlas from Ketterer Kunst 2002. Ketterer Kunst have been very helpful in providing us with photographs of the atlas, but has informed us that for legal reasons, they are not allowed to disclose the name of the buyer.

When the theft was discovered in 2004 it became a police matter. Due to restrictions from the police during their investigations it was initially not possible for us to publish a list of the stolen books. Such restrictions do not longer exist so we are happy to enclose a list for you. Some of the stolen books were found by the police when searching the home of the thief, they have been excluded from the list. No other books have been recovered. After the theft there was an internal investigation which resulted in several measures to strengthen the security at the Library.

Again, thank you for your cooperation and swift action.

Best regards

Gunnar Sahlin


Please do not hesitate to direct all comments, questions, and inquiries to grahamarader@gmail.com

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