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Friday, July 1, 2011

A perk for partners at Arader Galleries - a week a year at least going to symposia - a report from Jessica Wager and Helene Lowenfels about there experience at the Rare Map Course at the British Library.

Here is what Jessica Wager wrote:

Leaving sunday morning. And oh my god i am having the best time. Today was the last day of class. Have spent a good deal of time with catherine delano smith and she wants me to continue emailing with her and peter barber regarding research to be done in tudor map history. She is amazimg and so smart and as enthusiastic as you. Also spoke with peter for a while today and he gave me a worthwhile topic involving saxton. More later. But! Yesterday we were at the BL and i almost died when peter was showing us the manuscript atlas from queen mary to philip ii and the manuscript maps made for henry viii. Made sure to get in some good dialogue with peter about everything tudor we saw. The amount of knowledge is unbelievable. I cant thank you enough for this. I'm still in shock from being able to discuss AND look at this material with peter and catherine and sarah tycke. Theyre like celebrities to me right now. Of course they told me to send their best to you and made quite a few nice comments about you. I love everything about this trip. Going to be sad to leave. Thank you again. I know helene is loving it as much as i do.

Here is what Helene Lowenfels wrote:

Dear Graham,
I want to thank you for so generously allowing me to participate in the London maps course. Our last day was today and it is hard to believe how quickly the time went. It was an incredibly enriching and informative experience of a lifetime that I will keep with me and remember very fondly. Upon arriving home I plan to type out all of my notes and I will share them with you and perhaps the interns. What  was particularly special was meeting Peter Barber and seeing all of the primary source material in the British library: the vast amount of Ptolemys, Lord Burghley sketch maps, a James I Saxton atlas and a Cook chart given to George III among so many others. Seeing it all also gave me an enhanced appreciation for what is in your collection - so many of your works  are on the level of what we saw!
Thank you again for such a spectacular opportunity.

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