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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

All my predications are coming true

The standard of living is going down in Europe and the United States.

It is going down because the people of China and India no longer are willing to work for peanuts so that white people can consume as much as they want.   We fill up our shopping carts at Wallmart and Home Depot and promise to pay sometime in the future.

It's over and our middle classes dont like it because they dont understand it.  No one is telling them these very simple facts.

Here is what will start happening now - like tomorrow especially in Britain.

The law will be firmly, completely, aggressively enforced for any one doing anything to illegally improve their standard of living.  This means 

1.   The people rioting in the UK will be firmly put down, arrested and sent to prison.

2.   Offshore banking is over.  There will be laws enacted soon to end this farce. 

3.    Police will be paid more, have greater power and shorter tempers.

4.    Lines for everything especially governments services are going to be longer.  Your standard of living is going to decline because it just is going to take longer to get anything you want to use or consume.  The classic example of this are the lines to get through the airport.  If you dont think your standard of living is decreasing because you have to budget an hour to get through "security" you are deluding yourself.

     In the end the standard of living in the US and Europe is going to decline and increase in Asia.  But the gap between the two peoples still will be great.  It just is not going to be AS great.

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