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Monday, August 29, 2011

Globe of the Day: "Smith’s Terrestrial Globe and Smith’s Celestial Globe Pair" Charles Smith & Son

Charles Smith and Son
"Smith’s Terrestrial Globe and
Smith’s Celestial Globe

Both published in London 
ca. 1825
Height (in stand) appr. 43 in.; diameter appr. 24 in.
Smith's terrestrial globe contains the courses of the “most celebrated circumnavigators” and the celestial globe contains all the principal stars as calculated and detailed in the works of Wollaston, Flamsted, De La Caille, Havelius, Mayer, Bradley, Herschel, Maskelyne, and the Transition of the Astronomical Society of London. 
The globes are constructed of hollow papier-mache hemispheres which join along the equator and are covered with several thin layers of gesso plaster.  Onto which are laid the hand-colored copperplate engraving gores on laid paper.  Each sphere is placed in a fine mahogany tripod stand, at the top of which is the horizon ring encircling the circumference of each globe; horizon rings both with laid down printed paper displaying the months of the year and the signs of the Zodiac.  The meridian rings are brass, engraved with longitude markings.  The mahogany stands terminate in brass shoes and casters surrounding a central compass. 

Offered at $190,000. for the pair

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Please do not hesitate to direct all comments, questions, and inquiries to grahamarader@gmail.com

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