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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A GREAT AMERICAN takes on the Mutual Fund Industry and the Lobbyists that work for them.

Here is my letter back to David Swenson who just wrote an incredibly accurate, fierce exposure of the "churners" in the Mutual Fund Industry who use lobbyists to manipulate Congress.

It follows:

Just read your article in the NYT's. Nice set of two ton balls you have David.  Hope you dont get firebombed this weekend.  A lot of fat, rich guys with a lot of power pay congress a lot of money to keep their game going.   You took their pants off at low tide!!!

Having been out of the USA for two weeks, the clear advantages of living in the USA are overwhelming.  Things cost 40 percent more in Europe.  We truly are a blessed country but the rewards go to those who know how to play the lobbying game.  We get away with this by having specacular, overwhelming natural resources and the greatest univ system in the world that you personally have made huge contributions to.  Europe does not come close to us in this regard.  We crush them.  Their 500 best schools stink compared to ours.  So GOD BLESS YOU DAVID SWENSEN.  Your life has truly made a big difference for the rest of us.

But you NEVER are going to change lobbying no matter how many superb stories you write.

Just think about it - look at the shit that Bill Gates had to take for 7 years because he refused to pay lobbyists at the start of his career.  They sure taught him a lesson for ignoring them.  Steve Jobs PERSONALLY told me that he, Larry Ellison and Scott McNealy made THE condition of their support of Al Gore and Clinton was their wish to "break" Gate's control of his software monopoly.   Gore came through and personally did all he could to humiliate Gates using the Dept of Justice.  Gates had a diet of gravel casserole for the eight years that Gore was VP.

And the Defense Industry - wow.  Do we really NEED to spend 500b a year for shit that kills people.  But those guys run brilliant lobbying campaigns with Congress led almost invisibly by Lester Crown.  What a genius he is.

So you are RIGHT and superbly accurate.  I LOVED your points but it aint going to change.

Next time I would like to see more facts and figures to back up what you have said.  Since I know you, I trust you completely but for someone else seeing the REAL numbers crunched would make your truly impt points more compelling.  You should trust your audience to be smart enough to crunch the numbers along with you.

Amazing how natural resources make people look good no matter how poor they are as managers.  Perry is a shoe in but all he has done is take advantage of the price of oil generating good times for TX.   I love the USA.  What a great country.  Keep being my hero and making it better.

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