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Thursday, August 4, 2011

An Iconic College View: "Syracuse University" Rummell, Richard (1848-1924)

 "Syracuse University"
Richard Rummell (1848-1924)
Littig and Company, 1908

At the turn of the century, the accomplished landscape artist Richard Rummell (1848-1924) painted a panoramic bird’s-eye view watercolor of Syracuse University. From this watercolor, a copper-plate was engraved and a limited number of pulls (engravings) were distributed. Today, Arader Galleries owns the collection of copper plates used for engraving and watercolors. Using the original process and 100 year old original plates, Arader is proudly re-striking and making the beautiful college view available for acquisition the same way it was 100 years ago.

Formally established in 1870 in Syracuse, New York, the University originally owned 50 acres of land. Today, its expanded campus houses over 20,000 undergraduate and graduate students.  In the late 1880s the University began significant construction. Buildings such as Holden Observatory (1887), the von Ranke Library (1889), the Tolley Administration Building, and Crouse College (1889) emerged. Crouse College is prominently portrayed on the Rummell view, seen in the lower right. Together with the Hall of Languages, depicted lower left of center in the Rummell, this cluster of buildings formed what was called "Old Row” similarly organized to “Yale Row” of the 1790s. As additional buildings developed around campus, Old Row remained at the core of the campus. Important to note, the Hall of Languages was the first and the only building on the campus from 1873 until 1887 housing the College of Liberal Arts from its beginning. Since its erection, it has been expanded several times to be able to house additional wings and academic departments. Created from Onondaga limestone by architect Horatio N. White, the initial Hall of Languages cost $136,000 to construct.

To the lower right of the Rummell print is Crouse College, which was built in the Romanesque style by architect  Archimedes Russell in 1889. It cost nearly half a million dollars to construct. Along with his son D. Edgar Crouse, Mr. John Crouse, a local merchant, banker and University trustee funded the project. For many years Crouse College was the first accredited College of Fine Arts in the United States. Today, it houses the College of Visual and Performing Arts, the School of Music, art studios, music practice rooms, a lovely auditorium, and Crouse's Holtkamp Organ. The Crouse Chimes ring out several times each day.

An uncolored engraving of Syracuse University is available for $350. The beautifully hand colored example is $500. The view is also available through Arader Galleries in Curly Maple, Black, or Black and Gold frame for $750. There is no charge for shipping. Orders can be placed through our NYC gallery at 212-628-7625 or by contacting us via grahamarader@gmail.com

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