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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Memories of Steve Jobs

Pierre-Joseph Redouté
Wild Roses
Watercolor over pencil on vellum
Paper size: 7” x 6 9/16”; Framed size: 17 1/8” x 16 9/16”
Signed and dated in pencil, lower centre: “P.J. Redouté 1826”

Steve Jobs and the Gallery go back a long way. He was a client back in the 90s and the one thing that Graham will always remember most about the man was that he knew what he wanted. And what he wanted at the time was Redoute roses. (If you are not familiar with Pierre-Joseph Redoute, he gained lasting international recognition as the "Raphael of flowers" while serving as court painter to Empress Josephine of Napoleonic fame. His magnum opus Les Roses was a landmark work of botanical watercolors). Steve loved Redoute roses. He really loved Redoute roses. He loved them so much that in addition to the roses we sold him he wanted us to gather up and buy every original Redoute rose in the known universe. So what if many were held by museums and institutions, that what was the task assigned us. Sadly, we didn't succeed in this task to Steve's satisfaction. Point of the story? He was a man who knew what he wanted whether it was fonts or roses. The passion that drove him could drive his employees and his art dealers to distraction, also drove him to create the most meaningful products of the last 30 years. He will be missed. Sorry about the roses, Steve.

-Alex K

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