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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Someday we will be able to tell Arabs to take GAS.

Who are the HEROES in the USA during the last 10 years???  Who has
done the most to keep prices for gas way down?  The frackers.  Can you
believe how low natural gas is selling for?  It is the reason that
inflation is under control and that Americans are as calm as they are
in this crazy world.   It just doesn't cost very much to heat your
home anymore.  And now the supply is forever.  This is HUGE.  If we go
to gas cars, in a few years we will be able to tell the Arabs to go
fuck themselves and wont have to kiss their asses anymore.  We will
care about them about as much as we care about Africa which is not at

I sold Aubrey McClendon of CHK 15m of maps of Oklahoma when gas was
selling for $12.   Now it is under $3.  He is getting his ass kicked
now because there is so much supply.  His partner was Tom Ward who
quit CHK because Aubrey was too controlling.  Now he runs SD.  His
stock has gone from 80 to 8.  But they are the reason that America is
so sound today.  Gas costs 75% less.  That is insane.

I am not making a point here.  It just is very interesting that these
two people have done so much to keep America on track and yet they
have seen their net worth reduced by 70%.  They still are worth 1b
each but they used to be worth 3.5b each.

I want to take advantage of this but I dont know how.  There is no
question in my mind that these "frackers" are a national treasure just
as important as our defense industry.  If gas were selling at $12 now,
there would be no way that the US would be in as good shape as it is
in.  There would be riots and poor and middle class people would be
rioting because they couldn't afford to keep warm.  This is huge and I
am certain that a lot of smart people already know this.

The only thing I can think of is that people like Buffet REALLY
understand this much better than I do.

So I guess that I will just be happy that the USA has caught this
lucky break and that people like Aubrey and Tom are around to keep me

That being said, it is my feeling that these two and people like them should get medals and be recognized as absolute heroes.  But that will never happen because they are rich and some jackass will complain that their water is muddy because of fracking.


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