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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Thai women

Lived with one for six months in an all Asian building in Chinatown.  Her boyfriend was in prison for importing young girls from Thailand.  When I met her, she had 200 small bottles of perfumes, spices and scents on the table next to her bed.  At first she smelled kind of funny but every night that I came back the scents became more and more alluring.  Finally about after a month, it got to the point that as I opened up the door, the scent would hit me and all my blood would rush right out of my brain and head south.

It was amazing, she had figured out exactly what combination of perfume would make me crazy so that I would give her all the cash in my wallet, have sex and fall deeply asleep.  I figured out to wear running shoes because she would even take my cab money so I would have to run 4 miles to get back to my apartment in the morning.

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