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Friday, January 20, 2012

What my friend, Aubrey McClendon is doing for the people of the United States.

Aubrey McClendon's picture should be on the cover of EVERY magazine in the country.
Can you imagine what a mess we would be in if oil was at $11.  You are
holding us all together Aubrey.  It is insane what you are doing for
all of us.

It is nice that you are ranked as a wonderful company to work for
Aubrey but it is not nearly enough.  The REASON we left Iraq and will
leave Afghanistan is that the energy supply issue has vastly improved
because of YOU Aubrey.  YOU.  You are saving American lives and the
crazy money we were spending for the wars in those counties because
you have discovered a 200 year supply of energy that did not exist
until you came along.   We would still be in Iraq and Afghanistan if
you had not made your profoundly important discoveries using American
engineering, leadership and entrepreneurial skills along with vast
personal financial risk to you.

90% of the funds spent by the CIA are used to guarantee a supply of
energy to the people of the United States one way or another.  It has
been that way since the end of WWII.  Your "balls" changed their view
of how important oil is in the Middle East!!!

We pulled out of Iraq because their oil just is not as important to us anymore BECAUSE OF YOU.

You are a GREAT American hero.


That is crazy.

Graham Arader

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