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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Volker Rule and the 17,000 letters that have been written trying to stop it from becoming law.

The sign that a society is coming to it end is that the most gifted members devote themselves to pastimes that do absolutely no good for their fellow man. Spinning money along the caverns of Wall Street and Greenwich, CT has become so prevalent that the people that are wasting their lives doing this actually think they are doing something that is acceptable - some of them even think they are contributing members of our society.
They are not.
Instead they are addicts tethered to a “Bloomberg” wasting their lives in an exercise that ruins their ability to love, live and give back.  What they are doing does absolutely no good at all for the people of the United States.
These 17,000 people begging Obama not to ruin their game should be thanking him for his attempt to wean them from useless lives and perhaps showing them how precious and interesting their children’s lives are.

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