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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Offering of the Day: A Decorative Promotional Broadside for The Keystone Driller Company

Armor Lithographing Co., ca. 1893
Chromolithograph broadsheet on tinned metal slats
27 x 19 inches

This is a sriking chromolithograph presenting new and improved models from this innovator of beam drilling rigs.  Engineer and company founder R. M. Downie designed the first beam driller in 1878 and established the Keystone Driller Company in 1882, introducing their first traction driller in 1888.  Petroleum Gazette, 1902 – Keystone Driller traction machines were favored oil drilling machines at the turn of the century.  Downie’s robust designs and innovations were numerous and established the company as being of the highest rank.  Some of the early KDC rigs are reported to be in operation to this day, a true testament to their robust design and superior construction.

This superb example of chromolithograph printing presents six models capable of drilling depths from 150 to 1200 feet with customers reporting the New Style Driller achieving depths of 1500 feet.  Each driller is pictured, brightly colored, in operation at some ideally clear and flat location and accompanied by a brief but concise description.  Shown at center is a large rendering of the self-propelled Keystone Traction Driller on the road. At upper right is shown the Keystone Driller No.2 Improved successfully striking black gold.  Bold and decorative title at top surmounts a large medallion panoramic view of the factory at
Beaver Falls, PA.

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