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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Putin is right for Russia now.

Putin is a vastly better manager of resources than any American president in our lifetimes except perhaps Clinton. He has ruined the lives of a few insanely greedy oligarchs who were paying virtually no taxes but the lives of 99.9% of the Russian people clearly are better since he took over.  They are working now more than ever before.

Plus he is trying to help a country where the weather is horrible, there are no beaches, the good looking woman are addicted to plastic surgery and Chanel bags, most of the middle aged men are alcoholics,  the Muslim people hate his guts, his military has weapons that dont work and Communism ruined the growth of a decent infrastructure for most of the 20th century.    When he took over he had nothing except some oil fields that were running at 30% capacity.  It is amazing what he has done.

Sure longtime autocratic rule is bad for people's souls but Russia under any other man would have been a disaster. And in the end he is doing the best he can to make the lives of the Russian middle class better.  And he has not wasted vast assets going to war in countries where we are not wanted as we have done in Iraq and Afghanistan.  In fact while he has been in charge there have been no wars in Russia against any other nation. 

Plus it is hard to believe that he is not a secret very close friend of the US Military. Why would the men truly in charge quietly have taken down our missiles in Poland and Czech Republic pointed at Moscow. All this American rhetoric against him is probably a sham.

Shame on the reporters who have been trashing Putin for the last year or so. You have missed ALL the key points. Hard to bat zero but you have.

Superb, visionary managers of resources and men are the number one assets of any society.  Putin is a treasure for his country.

Graham Arader

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