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Sunday, April 29, 2012

My hero - Aubrey McClendon

Aubrey McClendon is a national hero.

While the Fed has been printing money like crazy, it has been Aubrey McClendon that has been supplying gas to the American people at prices so low that inflation has been kept in check. These low prices have allowed the present administration to appear conservative on money policy and will probably get them elected in the Fall! If Obama were smart he would find a way to put Aubrey up on a stage and give him the biggest medal he has in his bag of honors.

Has Aubrey complained that these prices are one-sixth of the world wide price? No. Not a word because he believes in market forces. He has taken these tough times for him and his company like the man that he is.

We need more Aubrey McClendons in this country who actually makes something that Americans use and need while so called investment bankers "manufacture" useless, ridiculous "derivatives" and other "financial instruments" that only benefit tax cheats who hide their profits offshore.

When is the President going to realize that his real savior in the upcoming election is a conservative Republican living in Oklahoma. Inflation would be double what it is without Aubrey's leadership.

What an amazing country that something like this can happen and no one knows or understands what is going on!

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