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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Facebook, the IPO "season." Jamie Dimon and the US Military.

A recent story in the Wall Street Journal is right about the poor IPO season this year.

Of course it is disappointing to see how weak our IPO (initial public offerings of stock or raising money from investors to fund the expansion of new companies) season has been this year.   The biggest offering by far was Facebook.

Facebook - you have to be kidding. Is this what our financial system is based on - entertaining pre-teens??????????????????????

What new farming companies? Manufacturing companies? Railroads? Mining companies? This is what makes a country great not some nasty little geek who cheated all his partners for a product that will do absolutely no good for the people of the United States.

J. P. Morgan and his fellow bankers who raised the money to make this country great would be spinning in their graves to see this travesty.

And he would not have given Jamie Dimon time to clean out his desk for screwing up the way he did with his bank.  

Well, at least we can be proud of our military. No question that we can kill the rest of the world with relative ease. Now THAT would be an IPO to beat all IPO's - an offering of the US Military.

It is by a very wide margin the greatest accomplishment of the collective talents and efforts of the people of the United States from the era to FDR to the present day. It is where our best and brightest have been clearly devoted.  And we have created something that could literally bury the rest of the world.

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