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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

How to respond to an FBI request for information - more sloppiness from the National Library of Sweden.

Mr. Arader,

Thank you for taking the time to speak with me yesterday afternoon.  The books in question are listed below.  I am available to meet with you next Thursday (5/31) or Friday (6/01) morning around 10am if you are available.

1.       Catherwood, Frederick, Views of ancient monuments in Central America, Chiapas and Yucatan, printed in London by F. Catherwood, 1844.

2.        Scott, Joseph, The United States Gazetteer: Containing an Authentic description of the Several  States, printed in Philadelphia, by F. and R. Bailey, 1795

3.        Lewis, Henry, Das Illustrirte Mississippithal, dargestellt in 80 nach der Natur aufgenommenen Ansichten vom Wasserfalle zu S:t Anthony an bis zum Golf von Mexico…,printed in Dusseldorf by Arntz & Comp. [1854-58].

4.       Venegas, Miguel, Noticia de la California, y de su conquista temporal, y spiritual hasta el tiempo presente sacada de la historia manuscita, formada en Mexico ano de 1739 por el padre Miguel Venegas…,printed in Madrid by Manuel Fernandez, 1757.



Thank you Agent Iannuzzi,

Next Thursday at 5/31 is good for me at 10 am.  Please come to 29 East 72nd Street.  In the meantime I will send you .jpegs of the title pages of all of these books so that you can send them on to the National Library of Sweden to check.  I will also do the best I can to show you all aspects of provenance including my invoices and the auction catalog descriptions.

I am copying this email to David Mesker who is the owner of #3 on this list.  I am selling this book for him and am certain that he has owned this book for more than 25 years so it is impossible that this has been stolen from the National Library of Sweden.  However, I will ask him to provide all aspect of his provenance to finish out your file.

David is a distinguished member of the St. Louis community and will certainly understand that being forthright and helpful to your agency is part of the privilege of being a citizen of the United States.

The other three books on your list I own and you will be given all aspects of provenance in my possession.

I look forward to meeting you and renewing my association with your distinguished agency and the great work that you do. 

Thank you,


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