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Monday, June 4, 2012

Policy makers and their options when Greece and Spain fail.

Why should so called "policy makers" care about so called "investors" who have now become tax cheats trading for the short term and who do virtually nothing to help the people or the counties that provide a glorious lifestyle.

The difference in wealth between those who have the gift of trading well and those who do NOT is too vast. Policy makers are going to don brown shirts soon and change the balance when it becomes their only option. And how soon do you think that will be????????????????

Hitler killed 1% of the population of Germany to get 49% of the wealth and redistributed the wealth to his thugs and started the greatest war in history.  It was a simple solution to Germany's problems that was called a "policy" decision.  So the greatest evil of all time was executed as an economic decision by policy makers.  What we are all going to find out very soon is how thin the veneer of civilization truly is.

But the good news is our amazing military.   They will make sure that Americans continue to get their fair share which is 40% of the natural resources of the world for 4% of the population of the world.  Next time you see a soldier give him a hug.

The redistributions are going to happen MUCH sooner than you think.

Graham Arader

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