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Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Wall Street Journal publishes a story about Russian Spies Recruiting their children.

Shame on the reporters who wrote this ridiculous story. Shame on your editors for allowing it to be published.

This ridiculous story is not even worthy of a grocery store rag.

The real story is that Putin and his 100 best friends own 99.9999% of Russia. Doing the work to document this and to determine how good a job they are doing would be worthwhile. But this kind of original work is much much harder than rehashing come copy fed to them by FBI/CIA PR departments.

The REAL story here is that the FBI is trying to justify the vast amount of money they blew for US taxpayers by pursuing a bunch of Russia clowns who never had any success stealing anything of any value. This story has been planted by FBI agents desperate to keep their jobs having wasted taxpayer money on a completely useless case. They should all be fired but this dumb story may save their jobs.

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