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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The fate of Mrs. Paul Mellon's collection of Natural History Books and Watercolors.

According to Lucia Tomasi the current curator of this collection is a joke, NO scholar and it is a disgrace that this collection is staying in Middleburg.  She was deeply upset and moved when I brought this up.  There was NO doubt about her feelings.  Her direct words and appalled expression could not have been more clear.

As one who has seen the fate of many house museums, this collection will be looted by future curators and visitors.  It will not be used for scholarship and very few people will ever come to see it.  It is tragic.  It will be a complete waste.

She also made it very clear that the collection I own is vastly superior.  She would know as the cataloger of Mrs. Mellon's collection.

So sad - Mrs. Mellon was an amature with lots of money and scholarly instincts and intentions but who has missed the whole point of sharing, use and scholarship all to keep a very capable gardener employed.

Needless to say I am very disappointed that something that could have been so important is now going to be frivolously flicked away.

But I am powerless.

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