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Sunday, August 26, 2012

This is what collecting is about if you wish to be sophisticated.

Thank you for getting back to us Rick.

Francois is in Europe so I will take his place for the time being if that is ok with you.  My name is Graham Arader and I am a partner with Francois.

Your friend's advice is good but he is not taking condition into account.  All of the sources that he has turned up are known for coloring up black and white engravings.  To me it is not very exciting to own an engraving struck in the 16th century that was colored in the 21st.  In fact it is painfully dichotomous to me for many reasons.

My inclination for the last 40 years is to own and deal in works that are true in every way.  To me original color, full margins and NO restoration is what collecting is all about.  Of course this holds true for virtually all forms of collecting.

Also new color does not apply evenly creating unattractive splotches on the sheet.  The reason for this is that the cellulose unravels over time and the watercolor pools on the sheet creating an effect that is unattractive.

The city plan being offered to you in truly original in every way.  In fact we can tell you exactly where we bought it and that it has not restoration of any kind.

So there is a difference just like anything that anyone collects in any field.   And this has been the case for collectors for the last 500 years.

At some point map collectors realize that there is a difference and that buying something that is truly original is worthwhile.

That is my guarantee to you.  But the only way for you to truly learn this is to SEE the difference.  Sooner or later most collectors do this and become loyal clients.  Because for equal quality we simply will not be undersold. 

With all of this being said we still want to make a deal with you and will cut our price to $1900 for the unframed PERFECT example being offered to you.

If you like I would love to SHOW you the difference.  It probably will hook you to collecting at this higher level as it has for me during the last 40 years that I have been in business.

Thank you for your consideration.

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