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Saturday, September 15, 2012

A Wall Street Journal Story About Tens of Thousands of People Rallying in Moscow against Putin. My reply:

Shame on your for writing this CIA / State Department propaganda.

Putin is the greatest leader in the world today and has humiliated the American Government by rightly predicting that Muslim extremists would take over during the Arab Spring.

All the regimes that the US has backed to topple Arab Governments have turned against us. Putin rightly sees that happening in Syria and is right to back off.

The vast majority of people in Russia are living lives that are much better than the time before him.

That does not mean he is right to accumulate 99% of the wealth in the country for his 100 best friends. Of course that is wrong but my guess is that he will find a way to tax the assets they control and bring income to his people. But right now it looks terrible.

He also in not printing money the way the US is. The inflation that will ruin the lives of middle class Americans depending on pensions will NOT occur in Russia.

When are you reporters going to stop being such puppets of our State Department and CIA who have been recently humiliated by Putin's vastly superior judgement.

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