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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Letters like this make it so much fun to support cultural institutions.

RE: Auction on December 5th

Elizabeth Jacks

Dear Graham,
What an amazingly generous spirit you have! The world would be such a beautiful place if everyone felt and acted the way that you are doing now. I really don’t know what to say except, wow.
Thank you for the letter template which I will certainly send (substituting Thomas Cole Historic Site) to our collector friends. I have just the right program in mind to benefit from the proceeds. Each year we take in three or four college students to take part in our “Thomas Cole Fellows” program. We give them free housing right here at the historic site, as well as a stipend, and then they have the opportunity to become part of our staff for 5 months. We put them through extensive training, give them access to networking with other professionals in the field, include them in our staff meetings and decision-making, give them career counseling and resume-building, and supervise them as they give tours to the public and perform valuable new research in art history. The young people are so inspiring to us, and they have gone on to start exciting careers in art history as museum professionals, history professors, etc. Everybody wins. The funding that we receive through your generous offer would go to this program, if you like the idea.

From: graham arader [mailto:grahamarader@gmail.com]
Sent: Monday, November 19, 2012 10:16 PM
To: Elizabeth Jacks
Subject: Re: Auction on December 5th


To give you an idea of a "template" for a possible mailing to your maling list, please see below for what my friend Nigel Bowles has sent to his mailing list.  He is the director of the Rothmere American Institute at Oxford University.  My son is at Oxford and is a friend of his.

He writes as follows:
Nigel Bowles
10:59 AM (6 hours ago)

to nigel.bowles
Dear Friends of the RAI,

As you might have seen in this month’s RAI Matters email, the Rothermere American Institute stands to be a major beneficiary of an extraordinary charity auction taking place on December 5, 2012 at Guernsey’s auction house at 1016 Madison Avenue, New York City. The auction is filled with significant Americana in the fields of American paintings, colour plates, books, maps, atlases, natural history watercolours, and globes.

The consignor to the sale, Graham Arader, is a good and valued friend of the RAI and one of the United States’s leading experts in early American cartography, natural history works, and rare books. He has generously offered to give to the Institute 10% of the hammer price in cash and 15% as a credit for acquisitions from him for any lots purchased in this sale where the buyer designates the RAI as the beneficiary. With some $20,000,000 of artwork in this sale, there is the potential for $5,000,000 in gifts to the RAI.

Most lots have no reserves so there is exceptional potential for buyers to find attractive items. All lots are on view at 1016 Madison Avenue in New York City. 

The live auctioneers’ site can be found via the following link:

The catalogue of the sale can be found at http://www.aradernyc.com/guernsey-arader-auction-dec-5-2012/ or, if you would like a printed catalogue, please let me know and one will be sent to you.
The auction presents a tremendous opportunity both to acquire art and artefacts of exceptional quality, and to support the Rothermere American Institute.

With very best wishes
Dr Nigel Bowles
Dr Nigel Bowles
Director, Rothermere American Institute
1a South Parks Road
University of Oxford
Oxford, OX1 3UB

Description: Description: S:\R.A.I\Branding\Logos\New strapline\New strapline\Rothermere_Strap_Logo.jpg

On Mon, Nov 19, 2012 at 9:21 PM, Elizabeth Jacks <director@thomascole.org> wrote:
Dear Graham,
What an extraordinary sale! Thank you for alerting me to it. I am going to forward this information to several of my board members who I think will be very interested in knowing about it. I would so like to get to the city before the sale and it is extremely kind of you to offer a personal tour. It doesn’t look like I can get there in time, however. I would very much like a printed catalogue if you have an extra one on hand. I would love to see some of the objects that are described in the notice below. What has convinced you to part with them all? It must be hard to see them go! How truly lovely that the sale will be supporting some good causes. I hope that others will follow your excellent example here.

Elizabeth B. Jacks
Thomas Cole National Historic Site
218 Spring Street, PO Box 426
Catskill, NY 12414
(518) 943-7465

From: graham arader [mailto:grahamarader@gmail.com]
Sent: Monday, November 12, 2012 3:31 PM
To: Elizabeth Jacks
Subject: Auction on December 5th

Dear Elizabeth,

Hope all is going well with you. Wanted to let you know about an auction at Guernseys being held at my gallery at 1016 Madison Avenue on December 5th. Featured are more than 280 lots the include exceptional historical maps, rare books, American and European oil Paintings, and natural history engravings and watercolors incluidng over 80 lots of John James Audubon's birds and mammals.  

The exhibition is up and on view and I would love to give you a personal tour next time you are available in NYC.

There is also a printed catalog that I would be delighted to send you if you wish.  

Here is the link to our .PDF catalog:

You can browse lot-by-lot through LiveAuctioneers at this link:

10% of the hammer price for any lots purchased through you will be donated to the charity of your choice or refunded to you. It's our way of thanking you for participating while supporting the charities and institutions that make this world a better place.

Below is a description of the sale. Thank you very much for considering my suggestion. Look forward to working with you in December.
Very truly yours,

Historic Maps, Rare Books, Natural History Watercolors & Color Plate Books, New York-centric Art and American and European Oil Paintings all to be featured in Guernsey's December 5th Auction.
On December 5th, Guernsey's is honored to be conducting the sale of hundreds of treasures acquired over the last four decades by noted
gallerist Graham Arader. Recognized internationally for his extraordinary collections, Mr. Arader is generously supporting several
fine universities by turning auction proceeds into meaningful donations. Prospective buyers should note that the majority of auction
lots will be sold either without minimum reserve or with reserves well below the amounts Mr. Arader purchased the items for over the years.
The exhibition of the full catalog is now on view until Dec 5. The auction will be held live at Arader's beautiful Beaux Arts flagship gallery on New York City's Madison Avenue at 78th Street. Naturally, Guernsey's will be accommodating those unable to attend by making absentee bidding available via the Internet (liveauctioneers.com) and telephone. A handsome auction catalogue (available from Guernsey's or Arader) thoroughly depicts and documents the extraordinary offerings.
At this sale 10% of the hammer price will go to the charity designated by the buyer of each lot. This is Arader's way of showing respect for the great museums and Libraries that preserve and teach using these cultural icons.
Featured categories include eighty two of John James Audubon's stunning copper engravings of Birds and lithographs of Quadrupeds (Lots 1-82). Many of the most sought after drawings, virtually all in uncut, pristine condition will be sold. Arguably the finest selection of historic maps and rare globes ever to come to auction will include the extremely rare hand-colored woodcut map of the Atlantic Ocean by Martin Waldseemüller, centerpiece of his groundbreaking 1513 atlas (Lot 140). The Natural History Section of the auction (Lots 83-138) will contain sixty six lots of beautiful watercolors and color plate books including a magnificent collection of the books of John Gould, without question the most prolific ornithological artist of the 19th century. Fifty nine lots will be devoted to handsome watercolors and maps depicting early scenes of New York City (Lots 191-250). Auction lots include a 19th century landscape of Manhattan as seen from Hoboken (Lot 191), a wonderful Great Gatsby-era birds-eye view of Long Island's then-developing Gold Coast (Lot 230), and an extremely rare secret plan of the City created by a British officer on the eve of the Revolution (Lot 227). Additionally, there will be a fine offering of American and European paintings by such noted artists as Thomas Hill (Lot 265) and George Henry Durrie (Lot 271).
Interested collectors and those who appreciate the most beautiful works ever created on paper, canvas and vellum are urged to contact Arader Galleries for complete information.

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