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Monday, December 17, 2012

Dear All Natural Histories authors and supporters --

When Natural Histories was published in October, I was surprised by the overwhelming positive reception. When I showed a copy to my friend Graham Arader, the well known book/map/print dealer here in NY, he was so thrilled he said he wanted to throw me a party. Well, I demurred, but he persisted. He has offered to host a reception and dinner in one of his galleries on Madison Avenue and asked me to invite all the authors and other AMNH folks involved in its production/supported the project. Graham's generosity to the Museum and the Library are not new: he's given me a number of checks over the years and recently when an Audubon plate was needed for the Theodore Roosevelt Hall reinstallation, Graham immediately donated the one requested. 

Graham's invitation for the January 16th event is attached here. I should note here the lack of any conflict in our accepting such an invite: the Library has an excellent collection and does not actively collect rare illustrated books; even if we found one we lacked among Graham's enormous inventory, he'd likely give it to us. I mention this in the hope that you'll accept his invite without reservation.

I hope everyone can join us. How often does someone throw you a party?


-- Tom 

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