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Friday, December 7, 2012

The answer to a question regarding gifts of art to children

Yes.  I have been approached with this question.  It is a feint to generate more fees that accountants and lawyers use.  So yes I do get the call occasionally but NO ONE has ever gone though with this foul idea of leasing back art from ones children.  Dont become enamored with the allure of the complication of the transaction and miss what you are doing in a larger sense.

The idea of giving an easily employed opportunity for retribution for imagined slights during childhood is quickly seen as dumb.  No amount of tax savings is worth this. 

These memories generate MORE rage over time not less.  That is a proven fact.  It is one of the tenants of psychiatry today with studies at Harvard being predominant.  It is one of the best knows facts of the mind.  30 years AFTER lodging in the subconscious your dedication to your job will dominate your children's behavior more than ever.   It is the essence of the cycle.

I have never seen a gift of cash or art to children turn out well.

Please dont make me say, "I told you so." 

Dont give art or money to your children.  It will only cause pain.

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