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Thursday, March 7, 2013

My dream for the next 20 years!

The greatest accomplishment of the people of the United States are our 2600 4 year Colleges and Universities.

We are vastly superior in this regard to the rest of the world combined.  They are not even 25% as strong as we are.

Our amazing standard of living depends on the millions of sparks of genius that emanate from these institutions every day.  They keep our standard of living at incredibly high levels.

My primary goal for the future is to subserviently work for these schools in any capacity that they may find useful.   For the last 40 years my inventory has been used to inspire students in the teaching of art, art history, history of cartography, history, Linnaean classification and nomenclature, environmental science, technology and business.  Programs have been very successful at Northeastern University and the University of Florida.  Syllabuses have been established and courses are being taught using the woodcuts, engravings, aquatints,lithographs, chromolithographs and watercolors of maps and natural history images from my inventory.   The specifics of the actual courses are available for you to see on request.

Programs are in development at the University of South Carolina, the University of Chicago, Prescott College, Franklin College, the University of Tennessee and Marymount College.  The primary focus has been to inspire students by hanging the actual art in the classrooms or bringing it to them from the institution's art museum.

This marriage of art and science has inspired thousands of students and it is my goal to place this use in 200 schools in the next twenty years.  Collecting and dealing in this field has been may passion ever since my days at Yale starting in 1972 when Professors from the Medical School became my first clients.  My dream is to share this with our young and give them a reason to do the research that has been so invigorating for me for the last 42 years.  There is nothing like the thrill of being face to face with the original work.

Right now my focus is on the University of South Carolina.  Tom McNally, the University Librarian, has inspired me to assemble a $30,000,000 collection that will be the finest in the American Southeast.   With the Dean of the School, Mary Anne Fitzpatrick, professors and catalogers are being hired to implement this program.

Students will be taught courses using the actual artwork in the University's collection.  It is very exciting and it will work just as well or better than it is at Northeastern and the University of Florida.

With the very existence of libraries being questioned because of the power of google, this new use will help to justify these precious parts of the University system.

Please give me a call if you have any questions or would like to be involved with any of these programs with advice, the gift of your artwork or financial support.

Thank you,


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