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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Third Annual Successful Asia Week for Exhibitors at the Arader Galleries

On the occasion of our second time hosting Asia Week New York at the Arader Galleries, we are pleased to announce another successful exhibition.  In 2013 we hosted 11 of the most prestigious dealers exhibiting in New York, nearly  25% of the total number of participants. Here are the results: 

Nayef Homsi Ancient Art of Asia, www.nayefhomsi.net

Based in New York, Nayef Homsi deals privately in Islamic, Buddhist, and Hindu artworks from the 2nd to 19th centuries.  Speaking of his first showing with the Arader Galleries, Nayef Homsi  remarked that he was "very happy that interest in Indian sculpture is so strong and the market very healthy for these works" and "pleasantly surprised at the level of enthusiasm for Himalayan gilt bronzes".  Speaking of his future plans, he added that he will be exhibiting in Brussels this June and is already looking forward to exhibiting at Asia Week 2014.  

Santos London, www.santoslondon.com

Originally from Portugal, Alberto Santos started his gallery on Kensington Church Street in 1979.  Now only participating in shows in America, Europe, and Hong Kong, this is his first time exhibiting at the Arader Galleries.  Specializing in both domestic and export Chinese ceramics, Alberto Santos is very pleased with the turn out at Asia Week 2013: "We are very thankful to the owner of the Arader Galleries and all the help that the staff have provided to make Asia Week a success.  Museums have been very active in the market place this year and curators from the Metropolitan Museum, Indianapolis Museum of Art, and St. Louis Art Museum are currently considering a number of pieces".  

Buddhist Art, www.buddhist-art.info

Based in Berlin, Karsten Tietz deals primarily in Khmer sculpture and select masterpieces of the Thai, Burmese and Lao traditions.  The highlight of his first showing at the Arader Galleries was the sale of a dated and inscribed silver and gold repouss√© Cambodian Buddha to the Metropolitan Museum.  On his success, Karsten had this to say: "At the moment Chinese and Himalayan art seem to dominate the market, but I believe now is a great opportunity to acquire Southeast Asian pieces of excellent quality.  For collectors of Asian art who want a masterpiece but don't want to spend the equivalent of a Manhattan apartment, Southeast Asian art is highly undervalued and pieces of high quality can still be purchased for a fraction of their value.  We still have serious interest in one piece from the Rubin Museum of Art and another piece from the Asian Art Museum of San Francisco...its been a great show and we're definitely coming back". 

Jonathan Tucker/Antonia Tozer Asian Art, www.asianartresource.com

Located next to Christie's in London, Jonathan Tucker specializes in Indian, Southeast Asian and Chinese sculpture.  On the occasion of his second showing with the Arader Galleries, Jonathan Tucker sold an important Thai Standing Buddha with Royal Attire dating from the Late Ayutthaya period and see signs of an improving economy.  Remarking on his success, Jonathan Tucker stated that "its been a good week with sales both on and off the exhibition and a steady stream of good collectors".  

Xanadu Gallery, www.xanadugallery.us

Located in the historical Frank Lloyd Wright Building in downtown San Francisco, this was the Xanadu Gallery's first time exhibiting Asian antiquities at the Arader Galleries.  Speaking of their successful showing, Managing Director Marsha Vargas Handley stated that they sold three Tibetan bronzes are "were very pleased with the knowledge of people who came through the exhibition this year".  Remarking on current market trends, Ms. Handley added that that despite the rarity of some of the early Nepali stone Buddhas on display, "stone pieces are in low demand because the market is oriented towards the Chinese who are more interested in gilt bronzes, snuff bottles, and ceramics".

Cristophe Hioco Asian Art, www.galeriehioco.com

Located near the Cernuschi Musuem in Paris, Galerie Hioco specializes in Vietnamese and Indian Art.  Their display at the Arader Galleries included a fine selection of Jain sculpture, Giao-chi and Dong-son bronzes, and ceramics. Commenting on their experience, Sophie Charlotte added that they had strong interest in museum quality ceramics and Gupta artworks and were impressed by the number of serious collectors and museum curators to visit.

Carlo Cristi Himalayan Art and Textiles, http://www.asianart.com/carlocristi

Specializing in Central Asian works of art and textiles, this is Carlo Cristi's second time showing at the Arader Galleries.  Highlights of his showing included the sale of an important Tibetan Mandala dating from the 13th century as well as the successful sale of an important Central Asian mirror adorned with gold and semi-precious stones.  Remarking on this year's foot traffic, Carlo Cristi stated that among the numerous collectors and museum curators who visited there were less European visitors than last year and that collectors are more concerned with provenance than ever before.  

Prahlad Bubbar Indian and Islamic Art, http://www.prahladbubbar.com

Based in London, Prahlad Bubbar specializes in miniature paintings and Indian photography and is showing at the Arader Galleries for the first time.  Among the highlights of his exhibited works included an imperial Mughal painting of Timur made for the Emperor Akbar dating from the late 16th century as well as an unusually large drawing from the Deccan.   Speaking of his participation in Asia Week, Parhlad Bubbar was added that he was very impressed by the number of visitors with serious interest in Indian miniatures.  

Hiroshi Yanagi Oriental Art & Harumi Yanagi Contemporary Ceramics, http://www.h-yanagi.com/

Based in Kyoto, Hiroshi Yanagi deals primarily in Japanese paintings and antiquities while his wife Harumi specializes in contemporary Japanese ceramics.  This their second time exhibiting with the Arader Galleries and in addition to selling 15 contemporary ceramic pieces, Hiroshi is "very happy with the number of visitors and museum curators to visit...each year we have different results so every year we bring a wide variety of ceramic jars, paintings, and statues".  

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