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Monday, April 8, 2013

I would like to tell you about an auction of many of John James Audubon's masterpiece hand colored aquatints of birds (1826 to 1838) and hand colored lithographs of mammals (1843 to 1848) that comprise the finest body of Natural History art of all time.
Many of the lots in this sale are being sold without reserve so the opportunity for bargains is just as rich as it was in the last Guernesy sale of December 5, 2012.
The last fine complete work of Audubon sold on December 7, 2010 for $11,400,000 to a collector in Houston, Texas.  This is an average of over $26,000 each!  In this sale you will have many opportunities to get some of Audubon's top 100 images for considerably less than this!
But it is is top 50 great masterpieces that is what makes Audubon famous today - his Turkey's, Pelicans, Owls, Ducks, Ibis's that make us all proud that the greatest bird book ever was of the American species. For all the riches of England, France, Germany and Italy up to the middle of the 19th century, no published work comes close to the grandeur or scale.

A visit to NYC now also gives you the opportunity to see the fine show at the New York Historical Society of close to 100 of Audubon's watercolors and to acquire the fine reference work that has recently been published on this great naturalist.
The exhibit is up now and on display at both my NYC galleries - 1016 Madison (between 78th and 79th Street) and 29 East 72nd Street in our newly renovated galleries.   There has never been a better display of his published works that spread the word of America's riches to the world.
You are also being given notice of a very special treat - one of the world's leading scientists will be giving a lecture at 7 pm on May 10 (followed by a dinner) on the joining of Natural History illustration with science.   Barney Lipscomb's talk is the best art history talk I have ever heard by a wide margain and it is my hope that you will be able to attend.
Instead of paying me directly,  20% of the hammer price can go to the charity of your choice.  My focus right now is on American Universities that use Natural History art to teach - Northeastern, Prescott College, University of Florida, University of California at Irvine, California Marymount and Franklin College.  Hopefully your gift will have a focus on teaching our young but the final decision is up to you!
Anyone who gets this letter or e mail from me is entitled to free shipping and packing.  And anyone coming to NYC is welcome to stay at my home on the Hudson River that is only 25 minutes from the city.  We are also offering to pick our clients up at the airport and drive them into town!
Audubon's have held their value better than any other artworks that I have dealt in during the last 40 plus years.   Collectors from all over the United States have taken this art to their hearts and have made John James Audubon the most famous and respected American Artist of the last 300 years.
Please come to the Gallery to see for yourself or visit this link to view the catalog online:
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