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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Heating up - the key issue in America for the next decade.

The only option open to the US government to pay its towering debts is creating the money out of thin air.   That is going to enrage all the people in the US on pensions and the Chinese who are going to be paid back with our less valuable dollars.  My guess is that there are going to be huge cracks in our way of life brought about by a loss in the belief in our units of measure (cash) very much like what is happening in Mexico right now.  And there the breakdown of the rule of law has ruined the lives of a majority of the people.

Our only hope is a firm belief in the rule of law in the US.

My point in saying this is that you increasingly will have the ability to speak about the importance of the rule of law.

Carve out this niche and you will have huge demand on TV and at $25,000 a pop lectures.

The WHOLE point of the intense scrutiny of "virtual currencies" is that is a threat to the 300m people in the United States full belief in the solidity of the dollar.  Why does a cop protect you?  A doctor heal you? A teacher teach our children? 


If this dies the three most important groups of people in the US - cops, teachers and doctors - will stop being so diligent and our society will be damaged.

But the fact is that this "inflation" tax is the is huge regressive tax in American that NO ONE talks about.
Any commentator on our life in America can stake this out as the key to life in America and talk about WHY the "bitcom" issue is getting so much attention from the government.  And the reason is a belief in our units of measure that everyone struggles so hard to earn every day.

It is the great mirage in the world today.  It all is held together by this core belief.  But no one talks about it.
This is the key issue in the next ten years.

I said it on June 2, 2013.   My prediction is that inflation and a core belief in our units of measure will be the greatest concern of the next ten years.

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