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Friday, September 20, 2013

A good story told to me by the greatest map curator of the 20th century.

We would be happy to see you anytime.  We are in the process of expanding our Atlas Vault facility and are undertaking a major renovation of our Reading Room, so our stack areas are a bit untidy now.  About a million maps and several hundred map cases have had to be moved. At the same time, we have been losing staff through retirements.

Several years ago one of your former temporary employees gave a great talk to the Washington Map Society in the Geography and Map Division.  Former Mayor of Washington, D. C., Anthony Williams, during his last month in office, told us about the summer that he sold maps for you throughout New England while he was a student at Yale. It was apparently a great experience which he remembered fondly. Tony was an excellent Mayor, and retained his interest in maps through the years.


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Dear Ralph

Thank you for the thoughtful thank you letter for my gift.

You are doing an amazing job at LC.  They are smart and lucky to have you.

Hope to come down for a visit to you soon.

Just silly for a fat, balding, Yankee book dealer to have the most significent manuscript maps of Virginia that exist.  And the same is true for the MD map by Alexander.

Hope you can find a donor someday.  Meanwhile it gives me great pleasure to view them everyday.

graham arader 
10:12 AM (1 minute ago)
to Ralph
Thank you Ralph.

Would love to come down for a visit.  Is there a day in October that
would be convenient for you?



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