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Saturday, September 7, 2013

One of the South's most alluring woman writes a letter about Barney Lipscomb's lecture at the University of South Carolina on September 5, 2013

Dear Graham

It was my pleasure.  I did attend Barney's lecture, but could not stay for the reception.  You were right.  It was an amazing performance!  I enjoyed it immensely.  Many moons ago, I studied botany and the scientific names given to species. Of course, I have forgotten it all, but having spent 3 years selling designer fragrances while in college, added an additional appreciation for all things floral.  I do not know how anyone could witness Barney's lecture and not come away with an appreciation of the ART and SCIENCE of that which provides life to the air that we breathe. 

I am glad the trip was a success.

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